Precious: Sustainability Through Storytelling (2023)
University of the Arts
MA Design for Art Direction Final Project

For her final project during her masters program at University of the Arts London, Abby created Precious. Precious aims to create a decentralized archive of personal stories that people contribute to as they donate their clothes to charity shops. Through hand-made hang tag notebooks, it encourages individuals to share their personal stories that others can discover when they purchase the second-hand clothing item. This in turn creates a shift in our understanding of value under capitalism. Through its visual manifestation, it tackles hyper-consumerism through hyper-femininity, emphasizing the power of soft data in an inherently hard data society. It draws on themes such as blockchain and narrative, preservation and heritage.

Alongside the physical hang tags, Abby designed a website to act as a digital archive of the stories. The website includes memory boxes that viewers can click into to discover different stories that she collected while creating this project. She created the Precious font with ribbon, and the materials used for this project are largely sourced from second-hand stores and car boots. 

Website stills: