Real Talk with Stix 

Scope of work:
  • Logo + Monogram Design
  • Typography + Guidelines
  • Social + Website Icons
  • Instagram Templates

The Brief: 
Stix is a sexual wellness brand designed to get people products and information they need regarding their sexual health. They demystify and create access to safe sex through their range of products, such as morning-after pills, UTI tests, and vaginal wellness supplements. 

Real Talk is their sexual advice column, described as a best-friend-who’s-also-an-OBGYN. They wanted the Real Talk rebrand to reflect this: professional but approachable, somewhere between timeless and trendy, and something that is distinctly different from Stix but still fits into it’s world. 



Imperfect cut-out shapes and hand-drawn elements lend themselves to the human nature of the brand, being perfectly imperfect. To contrast this, text is supported by rectangles in their brand colors, making sure all information is legible and easily understandable.